Everyone wants their small space to be larger. But with a little planning and ingenuity, you can make your small space look bright and airy without a lot of effort. Here are some simple ways you can easily use to lighten up your small space.

Stick to Neutral Walls

If you paint your small space in neutral colors, you can showcase items such as artwork without creating a heavy feeling. The simplicity of choosing neutral color walls will make a small space look larger as lighter walls are more reflective. But you don’t have to choose white, as some pros say it’s too stark of a look. Instead, try opting for a warm neutral framed by white trim and/or accents. You can open up a small space even further by keeping everything in a tonal color palette.

Clear the Clutter

While many small spaces consist of multiple-use rooms, or even just one room as with a studio apartment, if you’re cluttering up your space, you’re only making it look smaller and messy. In a small room, less is always more. By removing and storing items you don’t love or use, you’ll be opening up your physical room space, which some also say helps to clear your mind and promote wellbeing as seeing the visual clutter creates unwanted and sometimes undetected internal busyness and stress.

Go Vertical

If your small space is lucky enough to have high or loft ceilings, don’t be afraid to use them to your advantage. Going vertical in an organized way, such as with a gallery wall or floating bookshelves, will only accentuate the height of your room in a good way. Visitors will naturally be drawn to move their eyes up and down on your vertical focal point.

Furniture Proportion is Key

While your space may be small, all your furniture shouldn’t be as it could end up looking like a miniature dollhouse. In a small space, it’s important to vary the scale of furniture such as combining a smaller bistro table, a standard size sofa, and a slightly scaled-down work desk with some great storage drawers. This helps to build layers in the room while keeping everything working together to maximize your small space.

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